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Specialist Exterior Painting Contractors Nottingham

We specialise in exterior painting Nottingham and our team of professional painting contractors Nottingham will be happy to help with any exterior requirements.


We use weather-shield when completing any exterior work, meaning that your paint work will be protected all year round.


A fresh paint job has the power to totally transform the look of your house in less time and for less money than any other remodelling project. The outside of any home or commercial building needs repainting every few years to protect the property from all weathers.


Our exterior painting contractors Nottingham will take the time to truly understand your needs, providing tips and suggestions on how to achieve your desired look and feel, and will work hard to deliver the service and value that you deserve.


Our skilled painting contractors Nottingham are able to help you choose colours that will suit your design specifications and that will wear well and last. We only use the best materials to perform all our painting jobs. 


At PWM our exterior painting contractors Nottingham understand the importance of taking care of the exterior of your home and making it look as eye catching as possible.


We have a dedicated team of commercial painters Nottingham and painting contractors Nottingham who are happy to help  with any of your painting requirements.


What we guarantee you is the best exterior commercial and residential painting service with great results every time.


To do this we use the following methods;  



  • Set Up – Our exterior painting team will clean your home’s exterior before we begin painting. We will ensure we remove all dirt, mould and mildew. 


  • Surface Preparation – For the next stage our exterior painting contractors will scrape off all of the loose flaking paint and sand off glossy surfaces


  • Painting – We prime the exterior of the house or commercial property, this is a necessary step before the new coat of paint is applied


  • Cleaning Up – Exterior painting projects can take several days to complete, our painters will clean up at the end of each work day.  This includes packing up and storing our materials neatly. 


  • Our Guarantee – At PWM our goal is to deliver to you high quality, reliable, experienced and professional contractors with the best exterior painting service in the UK. We will ensure you are happy with the service we provide.


Our exterior painters Nottingham will use special exterior paint on your building to ensure the best finish to the job. Our painting and decorating team can paint the windows and doors using paints specifically designed for wood. Our exterior painting Nottingham team will ensure that the paint we use will cover and protect the property from all different types of weather. Our maintenance team can assist in any additional repair jobs that may need to be completed before the painting can begin.


Contact us on 07714 952 502 for a free quote for all your exterior painting needs. We are sure our team of highly skilled exterior painting contractors Nottingham can work with you to achieve great results.